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COPD ISTANBUL is an International Conference aimed at the breadth of the COPD spectrum from basic science through to clinical practice and what people living with the condition need and want.  The meeting aims to provide new and interesting information for all delegates and encourage lively debate and discussion.

We are confident that we will receive the support we need from our international colleagues in the field of promoting the conference as a global event to all pulmonologists around the world.

Any ‘list’ of ‘beautiful’ cities naturally has subjective features. However, you may notice that Istanbul is frequently included in such lists and just as an example it is among the most beautiful cities of the famous scientist Alexander Von Humbolt who toured the globe and published the results in his outstanding book of 30 issues. We believe that Istanbul deserves your interest as the city which has something to offer for everyone and you will often be surprised and each of you will discover your ‘own’ Istanbul.

As the Chair of Local Organizing Committee, I have the pleasure of inviting you all to Istanbul for the COPD ISTANBUL and we are looking forward to hosting you in this beautiful city.

We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul

Arzu Mirici